The Consultative Conference on International Criminal Justice was held at United Nations Headquarters in September 2009.

Participants included leading international institutions, state actors, and non-governmental organizations working to promote lasting security and end impunity for the world’s gravest crimes. The mini-documentary shown above, “International Relations Meets International Justice” is one of a series created by Skylight Pictures from the proceedings of the Conference. Each of these videos, 5-to-7 minutes long, highlights a contemporary issue facing the system of international criminal justice.

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• The Emerging 'System' of International Criminal Justice
• Peace and Justice in Colombia? The Impact of the International Criminal Court
• The International Criminal Court Examines Situations in Afghanistan, Gaza, Georgia, and more: The Role of ICC Preliminary Examinations
• Domestic and Regional Complementarity
• Kenya and the International Criminal Court
• Humanitarian NGOs and the International Criminal Court

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Conference Steering Committee:

Juan Méndez, President Emeritus,
International Center for Transitional Justice
Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Prosecutor,
International Criminal Court
William Pace, Convenor,
Coalition for the International Criminal Court
Mary Page, Program Director,
MacArthur Foundation
Christopher Stone,
Guggenheim Professor of the Practice of Criminal Justice, Harvard University